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John Cooper, RN

In late January 2010, I walked around with the worst headache of my life for 7 days. My family doctor diagnosed me with a migraine and sent me home with pain medication. This was not a mere headache. I was walking around with a time bomb that had already exploded!

I invite you to read about my tumultuous journey and how I dealt with the fear, stress, anger, depression and final acceptance of this life-changing event.

Follow my evolution from that of being a victim of giant, ruptured brain aneurysm to that of becoming a survivor of one. Full of suspense, revelation, and comedic outtakes, Brain Go Boom will surely take you on an extraordinary journey. A place where not many have survived and only a few are fortunate to write about it. journey.

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The Wounded Warrior Project is not endorsing, nor do they have any affiliations with Brain Go Boom. I am sincerely honored they approved a direct link to their site. Thank you!

I believe that this is just one of the many brain aneurysm survivor books you will enjoy reading, especially from a nurses point of view.

John Cooper, RN


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ISBN# 978-1-4951-5248-1     (eBook)

A book as remembered by a giant, ruptured brain aneurysm survivor

Brain Go Boom!


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