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John Cooper, RN

Brain Go Boom!

I believe that this is just one of the many brain aneurysm survivor books you will enjoy reading, especially from a nurses point of view.
John Cooper, RN

A book as remembered by a giant, ruptured brain aneurysm survivor

 My Mission Statement:

My original objective in completing the complex task of writing a book after surviving a giant, ruptured brain aneurysm was to share my version of what happened with only my family and friends.

As I became further engrossed in reliving and writing my story, I began to realize the great injustice to me, and possibly others, if I didn't share this beyond my family and friends; especially to those who had suffered any sort of brain injury.  I am one of the lucky ones; and perhaps this story will speak for those who are not able to, or for those who cannot write about their story.  Everyone's circumstances differ, and my purpose became clear:  to shed some light to other families and friends who may not understand what their loved ones may be experiencing.

The first two-and-a-half years after my surgeries were pure hell!  Did it get better?  The answer to this can be found by reading about my journey.   I was eerily hesitant about hanging out my dirty laundry and personal information, but something clicked inside: "This is as real as it gets, John.   It’s not all about you, so share it and put your pride aside."  This book represents my recollection, opinions and personal view of what happened to me and my family after my brain injury.  Love it or leave it, it's what happened.

The scope of my objective unexpectedly expanded during my several thousand hours of rest periods.  Commercials for the Wounded Warrior Project aired.  I cried during every commercial and felt a deep sorrow for each survivor's story. 
I came out on the better end of a brain injury, but why?  BOOM!  This was my opportunity to pay it forward. When I offer my book at no charge and, instead, encourage readers to make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, my mission will be complete.

 Please support The Wounded Warrior Project with your donation.  Will YOU pay it forward?  I believe that you will.