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My Speech Objective:
To share my experience as a nurse-turned-patient.

To share my experience as a victim-turned-survivor.


Motivate and inspire others to support those with acquired or traumatic brain injuries; especially our troops.

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Einstein / Moss Rehab Article

"Brain Go Boom"

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My Speech Objectives:

1. To chronicle my personal journey from ruptured brain aneurysm victim to survivor;

2. To share my experience as a healthcare professional turned patient; a top fear of many doctors and nurses;

3. To discuss my tumultuous journey after the rupture; how I dealt with the fear, stress, anger, depression and final acceptance of this life-changing event;

4. To inspire survivors to pay it forward as so many people, dedicated to my success, have done for me!

I was selected with the distinguished honor of being a speaker at the 5th Annual Stroke Summit; jointly provided by AtlantiCare Medical Center and Jefferson Neuroscience Network in Atlantic City on September 10th 2015.

A book as remembered by a giant, ruptured brain aneurysm survivor

Looking for a great children's book?

Brain Go Boom!

March 17, 2016:

Chatter Cat narrates 13 stand-alone stories of adventure, misadventure, first love, and second chances. Chatty, with his brother Rascal and his sisters Sunny and Whiskers, wiggle in and out of trouble, explore their new world, and experience the world-stretching excitement of trying new things. Along the way meet Crispy, the goat, Buster, the mastiff, Old Ned, the horse, the other farm animals, and, of course, Sammy, Chatty's human best friend. Are there dangers along the way? Of course...this is the "real world." But watch how the kittens figure their way out of lots of tricky situations and develop "can do" attitudes. Also notice how each experience closely parallels the everyday lives of children. There are many opportunities throughout the book to encourage discussion about such topics as love and nurture, cooperation and collaboration, good and bad decisions, and the importance of family.

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October 28, 2015:
Thomas Jefferson Neuro Science Network Fall Summit 

My Speech Objective:

To share my experience as a nurse-turned-patient.

Doylestown Hospital Stroke Support Group Meeting
January 5, 2017

I lead a detailed discussion of Kubler-Ross's 5 stage grief cycle:
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.
This grief model serves as the framework and a useful perspective for understanding our own and others emotional reactions to personal trauma and change, irrespective of cause.

September 14, 2015

Release:"Brain Go Boom"

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