Brain Go Boom!

Brain  Injury Mentor Program

A unique and personalized program created for the promotion of growth and strengthening of individuals and families with brain injuries.
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A book as remembered by a giant, ruptured brain aneurysm survivor

 Since 2010, I have attended hundreds of hours of occupational, speech, physical and behavioral health therapies. I will share what has worked well for me as well as what has not. Come join me and become a survivor because for a long time I lived as the victim. I am living proof that a better life can be obtained after surviving a life altering brain injury.  
Find out more.I believe I can help turn things around for you and your family. Put me to work for you.

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How I Can Help!

By creating and implementing customized and detailed strategies:

  1. Hourly, daily and weekly routines
  2. Better time management.  
  3. Mandatory rest periods to decrease Neurofatigue and increase focus.
  4. Daily journaling  
  5. Additional Coping Mechanisms  through mindfullness practices and meditation. 
  6. Increase Memory Retention
  7. What other challenges are you facing?

Contact me to schedule your Complimentaryevaluation.. (1 hour)